New Years corporate party

corporate party, organized for employees, to be truly memorable and grand. The holiday was a success, We need to entrust its organization to professionals, who will do everything at the highest level.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 15% all menu bar and restaurant card в честь новогоднего корпоратива!

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Ideal corporate - is not only communication with colleagues in an informal atmosphere and the opportunity to relax and enjoy delicious food, but also a great opportunity to have fun and dance on the dance floor a spacious elegantly decorated banquet hall.

Ordering a New Year corporate organization we, You'll get:

  • the detailed elaboration of the menu;
  • beautiful tableware;
  • individual approach and high quality service;
  • fun event, which is held in the exquisitely decorated banquet hall;
  • entertaining cultural program and interesting show, which entertain the guests and give them a lot of positive emotions.

our professional staff will pick up special decorations for theme festivities, which is sure to be agreed with the customer. You can be sure, that all parts of the interior and the organization will integrate harmoniously into the overall concept of the celebration, so the sea pleasant impression of the long-awaited event provided.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

"Ostrovsky lounge" — a fine example of the famous thorough approach to the device restaurant in Kazan.
The menu offers the most vivid dishes and undisputed hits of world cuisine. And sitting in the institution, you can comfortably enjoy smoky hookah in Kazan.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 10% all menu and map

bar restaurant in honor of the birthday!

"Office 57" — our Office is located in the historical part of the city, opposite the Millennium Park in walking distance from Bauman Street and St. Petersburg.

Karaoke club in Kazan with advanced equipment, good base songs and the atmosphere. It works every day with 18:00.

karaoke free always. The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!