None solemn celebration is complete without a feast. Any commemorative event should be accompanied by tasty treats on a pre-planned menu.

There are plenty of reasons to organize a festive feast: it can be a birthday, wedding, or corporate celebration in honor of a certain company.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 15% all menu bar and restaurant card in honor of the birthday!

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Since the whole process needs to be thought out to the smallest detail, organize everything yourself incredibly difficult, especially if you have no experience. From the first time it is very difficult to take into account all the nuances and details, to make the perfect holiday. That is why it is best to seek professional help, which has organized a great number of wonderful events. Only professionals will not only carefully consider every detail, but also to create a unique festive atmosphere and to charge all guests incredibly festive mood.


Our company provides the perfect dinner at your place. Using our services, you can count on:

  • high level of service;
  • professional team;
  • tasty food;
  • the detailed elaboration of the menu, where all your wishes will be taken into account.


We will help you create a fabulous feast in Kazan, which will certainly be remembered by every guest for life.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

"Ostrovsky lounge" — a fine example of the famous thorough approach to the device restaurant in Kazan.
The menu offers the most vivid dishes and undisputed hits of world cuisine. And sitting in the institution, you can comfortably enjoy smoky hookah in Kazan.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 10% all menu and map

bar restaurant in honor of the birthday!

"Office 57" — our Office is located in the historical part of the city, opposite the Millennium Park in walking distance from Bauman Street and St. Petersburg.

Karaoke club in Kazan with advanced equipment, good base songs and the atmosphere. It works every day with 18:00.

karaoke free always. The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!