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Bright and unforgettable festive atmosphere can not exist without a beautifully decorated banquet hall. It does not matter, he organized a birthday, wedding or corporate party in Kazan, always want, everything to be done at the highest level.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 15% all restaurant menu в честь корпоратива!

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That is why our experts are incredibly carefully select every element of interior design, to the final picture looked the most harmonious and attractive. As we decorated banquet hall is an ideal all: from furniture to utensils and tablecloths and curtains. You can be sure, guests will be amazed by the perfect combination of each element of the general concept of the event.

Banquet hall will be decorated according to your wishes, and the nature of the event itself. Our professional staff know, how should look the perfect banquet hall in honor of the anniversary, children's birthday or New Year corporate.

If necessary, our florists will design space more tender and touching, best to decorate the hall with fresh flowers. They will be able to create from flowers is not just a beautiful decor, a real work of art. The plants will not only make the room more original and beautiful, but also to fill it with their sweet intoxicating aroma.

Entrust design banquet professional designers and florists and rest assured, that the triumph will make a lasting impression on visitors.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

"Ostrovsky lounge" — a fine example of the famous thorough approach to the device restaurant in Kazan.
The menu offers the most vivid dishes and undisputed hits of world cuisine. And sitting in the institution, you can comfortably enjoy smoky hookah in Kazan.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

A discount 10% all menu and map

bar restaurant в честь корпоратива!

"Office 57" — our Office is located in the historical part of the city, opposite the Millennium Park in walking distance from Bauman Street and St. Petersburg.

Karaoke club in Kazan with advanced equipment, good base songs and the atmosphere. It works every day with 18:00.

karaoke free always. The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!