Famous artists

Inviting well-known holiday driving, popular singer or a musician, you are sure to make the celebration more vivid and memorable. They will be able not only to revive the audience, but also fill a variety of emotions event. Besides, often on holidays and invite artists comic genre, who will be able to cheer and amuse visitors, giving them thus in a good mood.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

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You can be sure, that rich experience of stage work of these artists will be able to give expression to your holiday, as well as provide undying interest of the audience.


The choice of stars is based on the heroes of the occasion preferences, and based on the characteristics of the event. for example, at weddings and anniversaries often present popular crooners. Besides, often invited poets and film actors, which give the festival an even more romantic touch. At the same time in the New Year corporate parties and various youth often appear stars stand-up, and well-known DJs.


Our company take care of, to create on your holiday unforgettable atmosphere of celebration, inviting to those artists, which you wish to see.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

"Ostrovsky lounge" — a fine example of the famous thorough approach to the device restaurant in Kazan.
The menu offers the most vivid dishes and undisputed hits of world cuisine. And sitting in the institution, you can comfortably enjoy smoky hookah in Kazan.

The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!

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"Office 57" — our Office is located in the historical part of the city, opposite the Millennium Park in walking distance from Bauman Street and St. Petersburg.

Karaoke club in Kazan with advanced equipment, good base songs and the atmosphere. It works every day with 18:00.

karaoke free always. The cost of the banquet 1000 rubles per guest!